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how to encourage youself?

*be positive
*get to know yourself even more
*find someone to talk to
*do challenge your fear
*finish what you start

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Adakah Gejala Seks Remaja Melayu Semakin Menular??

1.ya...menurut survey yg tlh dibuat,,mmg benar gejala seks remaja melayu semakin berleluasa terutama di kalangan internet user(chatting-blind date-agensi jodoh-naluri-cara hidup)..

2.ya...hal ini terbukti apabila byk berlaku kes2 kasanova yang menipu wanita mahupun remaja sekolah terutamanya..(awas)!!!

3.ya..always sign out your blog and do not give your real detail or personal information that might lead you to become the next kasanova's victims..

4.ARE YOU listed among THeSE KIND OF PERSON?-blind date- soulmate finder agency-
betTER not!!

5.surf the web wisely...keep yourself secured!!!

6.LEave your Comment about this social ill!!

7.What is your solutions??

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