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A cheerful and crazy person is the way i described myself.. i really really love to sing.dance.and of course laughs+laughs+many of laugh(sss).. but singing is my priority!!haha..poyo kan(extra info) please do ask me for karaoke!! i hate to be highlighted as an arrogant person bcoz that is so untrue!! 1st of all.. i love you guys to bits!!

how to encourage youself?

*be positive
*get to know yourself even more
*find someone to talk to
*do challenge your fear
*finish what you start

Monday, November 22, 2010

after 3 yeARS

Alhamdulillah... da terlepas 3 tahun di UiTM perak..
fuhh lega... pnt taw jadi dak i.d
interior design a.k.a interior architecture..
byk habis duit masa tenaga.
tp it was all paid off.

skrg saya akn meneruskan hidup..
ill go with the flow...
chewahhh madah bagai,,,,

tp mmg da mls nk ber-blogging ni..
xd mse sgt la..
internet connection xstabil...
ssh nk online...
tggu kewangn da kkh ..baru la rajen okayy..
doakan yg terbaik utk saya..